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The bill

First Date

“You already paid the bill?” he exclaimed

One year later

“You paid already or should I say finally?” she laughed

Same clothes. Same date. Same restaurant.

They now had something money couldn’t buy.





Stars🌟 & sparkles 🌌

​I never thought,

I’ll know someone like you,

I never thought,

We’d ever click.

You were like this breath of fresh air,

that twinkle in your eyes,

that hope and innocence,

that cute little smile.

You made me feel young again,

the childish flutters felt again,

your stories, like an adventure;

your heart, like a snowflake;

bright , pure, simple & gentle.

You took me in and held me close,

cracked open my inner doors,

Said all those sweet lies,

That made me feel beautiful and nice.

Then there were times,

I saw your wantonness,

You opened your heart,  so vulnerable;

if only I could trust someone.

As I felt your fire enclosing,

I couldn’t take it anymore,

without a word or a final bye,

with disregard to your open confessions,

I let in my demons.

Convinced myself this wasn’t right,

thought it was an idea real bright,

to leave before it hurts,

Maybe I was mistaken,

maybe it does.

But that hurt is bitter-sweet,

You were like that wishing star,

you had to go away,

but you lit up my world.

Made me realize there was more to me,

made me fall in love with myself,

for that you will always be special,

finally found a nickname for you,

my star it’s ‘Twinkle’.

Esha Chandel



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Drown in me

I want you to know me!
I want you to know,
each and every thought..
that I never said out loud…
I want you to know,
what I keep in those deep dark cellars of my heart…
I want you to feel,
each and every particle of my soul, shamelessly…
I want you to drown in me…
Get lost in me..
Help me discover the real me…

Drown in me