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The bill

First Date

“You already paid the bill?” he exclaimed

One year later

“You paid already or should I say finally?” she laughed

Same clothes. Same date. Same restaurant.

They now had something money couldn’t buy.





Meri tareefon ke pul bandhne walon,

Mere husn ke kaseede padhne walon,

Kabhi meri rooh ko bhi jhank kar deko,

Iss chand si soorat main zakham bhi hain.
(English Meaning)

You who praises me,

You who sees me as beautiful,

See the depth of my soul sometimes,

This moon like pretty face has wounds on it.

Zakham (Wounds)

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Noor (Love yourself)

Kudrat ke ae hasin noor,

Teri paheliyan ajab hain.

Afsos! Jisne inhen pehchana nahin,

Voh tere kabil nahin.        

(English meaning)

You’re a gift of nature,

Your mysteries are mesmerising.

Oh! The fools who don’t see them,

Aren’t worth your beauty.

Tere ishq ki qadar hai mujhe,

Ae mere ashiq,

Tu mujhe beparwah mat thehra.

Meri masroofiyat ke bahane,

Tu mujhe zalima mat kehla.

(English meaning)

I value your love,

Oh my darling,

It’s not that I don’t care.

Don’t let my lack of time,

Make you see me as the devil.

Masroofiyat (Being Busy)