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Don’t promise me!
A promise,
You can’t keep…
Caz I promise you!
I’ll not forget,
Your broken promise…


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I don’t want to abandon my dreams…
I don’t want to drown in your love…
I don’t want to break my walls…
I don’t want your love to flood in…
I don’t want to lose my breath…
I don’t want love to ruin me…

Ruin me...

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Drown in me

I want you to know me!
I want you to know,
each and every thought..
that I never said out loud…
I want you to know,
what I keep in those deep dark cellars of my heart…
I want you to feel,
each and every particle of my soul, shamelessly…
I want you to drown in me…
Get lost in me..
Help me discover the real me…

Drown in me
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He is a tired soul,
He doesn’t waste a minute!
He pushes his boundaries,
He achieves things she doesn’t!

She wants to know him more,
He is the only one who feels so close.
He talks but always in a hurry,
‘I’m not good enough!’, she worries…

He hides behind a mask of diplomacy,
Always the nice guy,
Never being personal or rude!
She begs him, ‘At least be frank with me dude!’

Hiding what he truly feels,
He expresses himself in the field.
Breaking his geek image,
He plays his heart out on the stage…

Is it her success, status or her clinging,
Making him never go away,
But never really stay.
Is it a need for a boy’s company,
She is still unsure of this feeling…

Maybe he fears the same.
Uncertain of future successes,
Refusing to recognise feelings,
He’s afraid of breaking his dreams…

Maybe she fears the same,
Seeing girls played like a game.
Afraid to break her rules,
Certain this never lasts…

Maybe in a world without time clocks,
Where the truth is appreciated,
Where there isn’t a modern war,
Pitching dreams and happiness,
Would he finally remove his mask,
And she her insecurities,
And maybe they’ll truly meet then…