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Fish Bowl in my head

A fish bowl in my head?
What does that even mean?What a weird title?…

Well I guess anyone reading this blog must be wondering about the same. So let me tell you what is the meaning of such an absurd title.

Everyone who knows me knows that I love to talk and that I invariably say whatever comes to my mind. If I run out of topics to talk about either you are my biggest enemy or you are a wall.
Despite that I have talks that I only want to talk to certain people but I end up speaking it out loud.
I think  its a fish in my head. Every single thing happening to me is recorded in my head like a story…like a fish blowing out bubbles from it’s mouth… everything I experience keeps coming back to me …like a story that never ends…like the fish that keeps swimming from one end of the bowl to the other…never stopping…moving in the deep blue waters…like every moment is a memory… like every drop of water is a friend that the fish wants to meet again and again…there is a
fish bowl in my head…





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5 thoughts on “Fish Bowl in my head

  1. Finally u’ve made a start…it had to happen. Nice to realize that you’ve started much before in life than I did…
    I recommend that instead of looking into the negative aspects of an issue you address, try to bring out the positive side of your subject-like instead of concentrating on the bowl which restricts the movement of the fish or the fact that it has to keep moving endlessly w/o a purpose; you can bring out the aspect of the happiness it gives to us by recognizing us when we are back home, just like a puppy the golden fish also moves its fins at a fast pace showing its affection, or the fact that it survives without eating anything having life in it, or that it can give up its life to feed some one else-showing sacrifice…or that it breaks your monotony when you are alone…etc…
    This may help you improve your imagination…
    All d best for the quest…
    God Bless.!


    1. Thanks dad for your suggestions but there is nothing negative in what I am trying to say here…the fish is the little voice in my head that records everything happening around me like a story… A story that never ends…just like the fish keeps swimming…. The voice in my head that is the fish keeps swimming…blowing out bubbles…it keeps on narrating the story to the drops of water that represent my memories….the fish keeps swimming and talking to the drops of water that is the voice in my head keeps narrating everything around me like a story which eventually become little memories like the water droplets…the fish keeps on visiting the water droplets like they are an old friend…the memories are my old friends…the voice in my head keeps visiting them even as it continues to narrate my life like a story…the fish keeps swimming 😉


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