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Fly Away

I fly a lot as my dad keeps getting posted from one place to another and so every holiday we travel to meet him.

Generally I either read a book or browse through the music in my phone while waiting for the plane to land.

My flight was a connecting one and the first flight was for a small duration of 20 minutes. So, I decided to look out of the window for a change….

My 1 month of yearly holidays was over and I was anticipating a really hectic and jam packed year ahead.
I wondered how I would deal with it…

The place where my dad was posted, had a very humid climate and it rained almost everyday. Thus as the plane took off and gained some height, I looked outside the window and could see green fields and yellow water everywhere with a handful of houses scattered here and there.
The place was a cozy little town, rich in biodiversity but yes it was a bit dull after staying there for almost a month.
Basically, I was pretty happy to catch my flight back to Delhi even though I did not like to remember what all I would have to do, how much I would have to work; but for now I thought of simply enjoying the ride…..

Then the clouds came! Puff! Simply out of nowhere!

Initially, the passengers (including my hyper mom) just exclaimed how common it was and all; till water droplets started spattering on the windows and the plane started to shake a lot.
Still there came more talks by my mom on how the pilots will deal with it. It seemed as if she was trying to convince herself and not really reassure me ;P

Now, the wings of the plane started to shake vigorously. The plane’s lighting started to flicker and the seatbelt sign came up. I looked outside there was nothing visible! Only gray clouds and the rain on the running down my window.

Now my mom looked a bit worried. She did not say anything. We had flown a lot of times but this was the first time we had experienced so much turbulence and bad weather. I closed my eyes and waited…

My wait was soon rewarded.
As the plane gained height the black thundery clouds faded away and the sun rays started peaking from the white fluffy clouds. Soon we reached our destination and the plane started losing height. We all started feeling relieved. But we were in for a little surprise.

Since it had rained the runway was pretty wet and it seemed like the plane was sliding. We all started to panic. Why would the plane not stop? It has to stop! Stop now!!

The plane started shaking from the impact…..
Finally by some miracle the plane stopped. Oh!the happiness! the relief I felt at the moment…It felt like I had achieved something.

It was magic.

In that moment I realized something. We are all taking flights. Life is all about taking flights… From where you are to where you want to reach…You maybe worried… Scared..unsure…your mom, dad and your whole family might be worried for you..they might travel with you in your journey towards your goals or you may have to travel alone..but if you want to reach your goal you have got to TAKE that plane…

You might have it all planed out..the best airlines that is the best college or job…best people and have it all figured out ; but you may face dark back clouds of problems and obstacles along your journey… Your plane of beliefs in your yourself..your will to achieve..might shake up a bit…you might feel like your plane is gonna crash…KEEP flying…

Believe me you will see the sun once the rain ends…

The landing might be a little tough…believe that your plane will stop…and it will.

We are all taking flights…we keep taking flights… Some may reach their destination… Some might not
…but we should at least try…
With this thought in mind I planned to push my worries aside and enjoy my ride to my goals…I knew I will keep catching flights…until I reach where I want to reach…but I also realized that I have to start enjoying my flights…. Stop taking it as some task which I have to fulfill to reach my dreams…

So maybe all of us should take a chance and fly to achieve our goals even if we face problems along the way; we should believe that we can reach our goals and we should also enjoy every moment of our way 🙂



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