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Magic House

A Magical home…my granny’s


A home where you forget all your worries and sleep like a baby…where flowers of every kind bloom with their vibrant colours…birds sing and the sent of the mango tree will always be in the fridge… that is bursting with food as though the market will close tomorrow forever…Oh!you will have full faith in the cupboards..when you feel hungry they will always give you something to make you hunger disappear…
Where work means going to the market to get veggies…where you don’t mind walking a little extra in the evening if you will be able to meet an old aunt who serves excellent coffee…where life seems to slow down while the rain kisses your feet and you sip some tea…where adventure means choosing a book from the old book shelf…containing books read by your mom, her sister and her brother…some old..some fairly new..some left here by you when you were younger…where the walls are decorated by the paintings your mom and her sister had collage made by you for your grand dad’s birthday…the sketch pen’s very light now..all dressed in dust but beautiful in a way…
Every nook and every corner of this house is full with memories…the house always had a unique scent to it…maybe it was just nostalgia…but it seemed like those memories..that atmosphere…some how gave you strength…they told you that in your  granny’s house you are a child… and children are free birds…it gave you the power to believe that everything will be alright🌌



Free thinker, feminist, traveller

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